The Reviews are coming in for JUST CHARLIE

‘...Harry Gilby’s performance as Charlie is truly stunning, Patricia Potter and Scot Williams’ portrayal of Charlie’s parents however are easily the most striking part of the film as often in movies dealing with trans characters, the focus of the plot is entirely on them and their struggle, whereas Rebekah Fortune’s film accurately and impressively ties in the difficulties of being a parent in this situation, which is only foregrounded by Potter and Williams’ amazing work...’

“...Williams is particularly remarkable as a man who simply can't accept that his "little boy" isn't going to achieve his own dream of football stardom. His journey is powerfully expressed without hedging anything, so the conclusion has an offhanded power...”

“...The film’s best performances comes courtesy of Scot Williams. Peter Machen’s screenplay may characterise Charlie’s father as a more overtly bigoted man, but Williams’ performance defies such simple categorisation. This is a man emotionally torn by the confusion that the child he so recently called his son is anything but – his increased emotional withdrawal mirroring that of Charlie in the film’s earlier stages. His anger is never played out as anger at his child, but rather anger at his own confusion as the child he loved isn’t the person he thought they were...”

“...With a delicate storytelling, wonderful acting, and a first-class cinematic execution – Just Charlie is a Coming-of-Age film guaranteed to enrich its viewers...”

“...The saving grace of Paul is the actor playing him. Williams has the thankless job of playing the member of the family who can’t accept Charlie, but the actor never makes Paul a monster or a caricature...”

“...Scot Williams who plays Charlie's father is fantastic in this film. He struggles with wanting to immediately reject something he doesn't understand, but also wanting to love his child is an all too common story. Branching out and opening your mind to other possibilities is never an easy thing, and he really brings a sense of realness to the role...”

“...Just Charlie left me an emotional mess. This story about a boy realizing that he is a girl is one of the most emotional experiences that I have had watching a movie. [ ] The film progresses to Charlie telling her parents about herself and Director Rebekah Fortune does an incredible job of layering in the reactions of the family, especially that of Charlie’s father who, in lesser hands than those of [ ] actor Scot Williams, could be a simple villain. His struggle is part of the story and I loved how willing the movie is to allow him to be so very wrong. It makes the rest of his arc so much more moving. [ ] Harry Gilby, he’s absolutely brilliant, and Scot Williams as well...”

“...Watching a mother and father negotiate what is best for their daughter, are filmed in one steady shot – focused solely on the actors. There are no cinematic tricks here; just the power of two performers acting opposite one another, and these instances meander, but in the best way possible. They are deeply felt and incredibly genuine. [ ] to watch these characters make sense of Charlie’s transition is equal parts affirming and heartbreaking...”