JUST CHARLIE Wins the coveted Audience Award at the 2017 Edinburgh Film Festival.

JUST CHARLIE, the film about a transgender teenager and her family, coming to terms with her gender dysphoria, has won the coveted "Audience Award" at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Scot plays the role of Charlie's struggling father Paul and both he and the film have been recieving very positive reviews. 

"Williams and Potter shine in their scenes together; both heartbreaking in their humanity..."


"As Charlie's parents, Patrica Potter and Scot Williams are good. [ ] There's an authenticity here [ ] most of which can be attributed to the quality of their performances.


"Scot Williams played Charlie's dad, and again, this was another blinding performance. Some of his scenes with Gilby were horrible to watch, but this had such an impact on me as a viewer. [ ] Williams managed to play Paul in a way that meant you didn't view him as a heartless idiot, but as a man who was grieving in some way, meaning you were able to empathise with him somewhat.


And not forgetting the wonderfully talented director Rebekah Fortune and young lead actor Harry Gilby...

"Edinburgh’s Audience Award winner, helmed by Rebekah Fortune, marks Harry Gilby’s first foray into acting, and he delivers an indelible performance worthy of a Hollywood veteran..."