The Ghost Writer

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Norm is a magnificent, yet undiscovered writer; but every morning he is visited by Guy, his alter ego, who curses him with writer’s block and crippling self doubt.

When his opportunist son claims authorship of his discarded drafts, Norm watches him become a multi million-selling author and steal his young fiancé in the process.

In a bid to prove his authorship and win back his true love, Norm stows himself away inside a Camden tower block and gives himself just forty days to write a book or die.

With his deadline fast approaches and with no real end in sight, Norm uses lucid reverie to step into the pages of his uncompleted masterpiece and it's location ‘Hell’, a ghost town on the fringes of Death Valley.

It is here in Hell that Norm’s creations come to life before his eyes and guide him to enlightened consciousness.

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