A Bard Days Night

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Lucy Morgan has fallen from grace. This former Royal Courtier and one time lover of The Bard, now cuts a solemn figure down at Maggie Maes ole Tavern, wishing she could be a famous singer on the stage and have the chance to win Will’s heart again.
So when the Queen demands that Shakespeare stage the World’s first musical, Lucy eyes her opportunity.
Whilst faced with chronic writers block, an ever nearing deadline and a company of talentless musicians, the Dark Lady Of The Sonnets will audition for The Bard...
...but first, she’s going to need a band to help her shake the Globe.
A Bard Days is a YA Novella, written by Scot Williams and illustrated by Holly Cairns. It is an adaptation of the book from a Stage Musical of the same name, written by Scot Williams and Chris O’Neill. 

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