Reviews for Level Minus 99

“LEVEL MINUS 99 is Scot Williams’ remarkably rich and well researched play. Young Mr Williams (he’s still only 22), takes the long-term view of purgatory as a medieval rite. Hence the streams of Latin text immortalising past prayers and philosophies. With such old fashioned relish of language – one is reminded of Dylan Thomas and other Celtic writers and it calls for heroic speech and tremendous physicality in the acting. Williams’ own company THE HERD OF BRUTES, is ideally matched to the task. There’s not a single weak strand in the presentation, after the first half, Hell is not having to have a drink to calm your nerves. By the end, we can laugh at some human frailties, not least the sort of health fascism which does little other than merely prolong life. If Bernard Shaw was around to review this one, he’d probably have reverted to being a meat eater. Yet the ghost of Oscar Wilde does get in on the act, and his spirit must think this makes The Ballad of Reading Gaol sound like a lottery prize. **** HEROIC”

“Scot Williams is something of a theatrical prodigy, a young local talent who writes, acts and directs and now he can add another skill to the list, he writes dialogue in Latin. LEVEL MINUS 99 is both cleverly written with Williams’ richly textured prose in a series of densely written monologues and cleverly researched. Along with literature it is packed with information medical, theological and historical. This play, more a meditation than a drama, is ultimately as sobering as it is clever”

“Liverpool’s most talented young playwright”

“LEVEL MINUS 99 is a wry, black humoured satire, the idea is extremely provocative and confronting, very powerful, the congregational speeches are strong stuff and punctuate the play with great drama. It is highly verbal and theatrical and the characters have unique quirks and traits. I loved the setting, hot, red, simple and consuming. Great potential, on the whole, a stimulating and funnily mordant read”