Reviews for Hope

The air of mystery in Scot Williams’ multi-layered Dark, Smart and involving new comic drama, is expertly sustained until a climatic change that explains all.

A cleverly thought out script, balances drama with comedy and a thought provoking conclusion. A strong script, backed up by four incredible actors. Mesmerising to watch.
WHAT’S ON STAGE / 4 Stars ****

A powerful and thought provoking drama, with plenty of twists to keep you engrossed until the final beat.

Williams’s multi-layered script is both clever and thought-provoking as well as sniggeringly funny.

Masterfully directed by Williams. HOPE brings an intelligent script to life. A thoroughly convincing performance from the cast, with the play’s thought provoking twist are worth a trip to a very different show.

A touch of Genius. Utterly absorbing. The four members of the cast give near Perfect performances.

Makes you think and makes you laugh with a moving twist at the end.

The Best Play on the Liverpool Royal Court for Many years.

Engrosses and Captivates. Brilliantly unique. A Joy to discover


“A mesmerizing play. By turns, deeply intelligent, funny and disturbing.”
(Reece Shearsmith – Psychoville / The League Of Gentleman)

“I think it’s great”.
(David MorrisseY – State Of Play / The Walking Dead)

“It’s very, very good. A breath of fresh air. The dialogue, what a joy to speak. It’s great. It’s fantastic”.
(Maxine Peake – Silk / The Village)

“I really enjoyed the play. I think it’s some of Scot’s best writing.”
(Ian Hart – Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone)

“It’s brilliant and so refreshing, a Breath of fresh air. The characters are wonderful. The idea is even more wonderful!”
(Tony Maudsley – Benidorm)

“Really enjoyed it, think its great, very emotive funny and real. I laughed out loud!”
(Dean Lennox Kelly – Shameless)

“It’s Brilliant. People must go and see this in their droves”
(Kevin Sampson – Author of Awaydays / Outlaws / Powder)

“A Truly Quality Play”
(John Bishop / Comedian)

“Beautifully written & Directed with a fantastic cast”
(Warren Brown – Luther / Good Cop)

“Hope to see it on the West End very soon”
(Stephen Fry – QI)

See @Hope_Is_Coming

Rach ♥Britney S ‏‪@RachaelLongwith
6 Mar
Watching ‪@Hope_Is_Coming and its amazing! The acting is brilliant :)

Sharon Unsworth ‏‪@shazunsworth
6 Mar
Just watched ‪@Hope_Is_Coming ‪@RoyalCourtLiv Wow brilliant!!! Captivating from start to finish, well done ‪@scotwilliams, cast and crew!

Lesley Williamson ‏‪@LAWilliamson87
6 Mar
Home from ‪@RoyalCourtLiv & ‪@Hope_Is_Coming
Fantastic show. My stomach is sore from laughing so much! Great night. Many thanks!!! ‪#theatre

vicki matthews ‏‪@vicki_liv
6 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming very different and quite thought provoking especially for people who live alone – makes u think

Melissa Foran ‏‪@Melissa1215
6 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming Absolutely brilliant performances, loved it! ‪#Amazing

Kevin Fisher ‏‪@KevFish37
7 Mar
Watched Hope last night by ‪@scotwilliams Great acting from all the cast. The story was very unpredictable. Give it a look.

Gail Kerr ‏‪@gailkerr55
7 Mar
They say a great play leaves you wanting more. Still talking about ‪@Hope_Is_Coming with ‪@helenkerr23 over tea this morning. Brilliant!

michael girling ‏‪@mikejgirling
7 Mar
Absolutely loved ‪@Hope_Is_Coming beautifully written by ‪@scotwilliams , wonderfully delivered by the cast. Don’t miss it.

Team Sam and Rita ‏‪@TeamSamandRita_
7 Mar
We can’t wait to go and see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming again next week! Such an amazing show! Get ur tickets now! Don’t miss it! It’s sooo funny!

amy ‏‪@ameesheepz_
7 Mar
Best quote I heard tonight! ‘ the acting on the stage is like a Acting lesson Phenomenal’ ‪@Hope_Is_Coming

Josh Bolt ‏‪@JoshBolt
7 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming absolutely amazing piece of work incredibly written and directed superb cast urge every1 2 see it if u can

Michelle George ‏‪@MsGeorgeTOGMUA
7 Mar
Amazing night! ‪@Hope_Is_Coming is still haunting me. The perfect blend of ‪#comedy ‪#mystery ‪#intrigue and ‪#romance. Congrats ‪@scotwilliams

Jim Boardman ‏‪@JimBoardman
7 Mar
Heartily recommend you get on ‪@Hope_Is_Coming at the Royal Court while you can, we’re lucky it premiered in Liverpool.

Darren Farley ‏‪@DFImpressionist
8 Mar
Everyone needs to go and see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming at Liverpool Royal Court, Absolutely Fantastic play with the outstanding ‪@scotwilliams

Justin Glaister ‏‪@your10tweets
8 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming in Liverpool last night – genius writing from ‪@scotwilliams Travis Bickle and Sam Womack singing Mazzy Star ‪#greatnight

Kirsty Henshaw ‏‪@Kirsty_Henshaw
8 Mar
Really enjoyed ‪@hope_is_coming by ‪@scotwilliams at the theatre tonight! Amazing cast and captivating script! Highly recommended! Xx

Dave Mountains ‏‪@DavidMountain2
9 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming great performance , da twist was ‪#BIG ! Beauutiful

Ian ‏‪@Ian_LFC
11 Mar
‪@scotwilliams ‪@hope_is_coming Brilliant night, great play & performances. Nice one ‪#HOPE

Ste Mc ‏‪@Bubonicninja
11 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming ‪@scotwilliams a really smart, funny and thoroughly entertaining play with a top class cast. Deserves to be a massive hit

HJC Official ‏‪@HJC_Official
11 Mar
Massive thanks to ‪@scotwilliams & all at ‪@Hope_Is_Coming for a great night. Thoroughly recommend this well-thought performance to all.

Victoria Thornley ‏‪@OfficiallyVT
11 Mar
Loved ‘Hope’ by ‪@scotwilliams great play, great acting! can’t wait for it to come to the London stage so I can take ALL my friends!

chris__irvine ‏‪@Chris__Irvine
11 Mar
Good stuff by ‪@scotwilliams et al in ‪@Hope_is_coming at The Royal Court tonight. Recommended. Go if you can.

Peter O’Neill ‏‪@petersue13
12 Mar
‪@scotwilliams. Hi, A big thank you for last night. Really enjoyed Hope! It was Mesmerising & Very intelligent writing. Loved every minute.

alphadom ‏‪@alphadom
12 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Dya reckon any chance of a London run? The mrs was ravin about ‪@Hope_Is_Coming when she got home

stacey williams ‏‪@stacejctay
12 Mar
Really enjoyed ‪@Hope_Is_Coming tonight ‪@Mark_Womack_ was fantastic in it.
The Chefs Mrs ‏‪@TheChefsMrs
13 Mar
Really enjoyed ‪@Hope_Is_Coming last night ‪@RoyalCourtLiv ‪#Strange ‪#Dark ‪#GoseeIt

Michael ‏‪@Quinneh_
13 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Went to see hope last might with two of my mates, really clever play, really enjoyed it

Andrew Curtis ‏‪@AndrewCurtis4
13 Mar
If you’re in Liverpool check out the brilliant ‪@hope_is_coming by ‪@scotwilliams at the Royal Court, I also saw a great Q&A after by mistake

X!L@UREN!X ‏‪@LaurenLongwith
13 Mar
Got to say I can’t get enough of ‪@Hope_Is_Coming such a brilliant show! Just LOVE It! The cast are amazing ‪@scotwilliams Rene, Sam + mark!

emily evans ‏‪@_idkemily
13 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Hope is amazing! I definitely want to go and see it again, loved it! X
Heather Currie ‏‪@Heddie5
13 Mar
‪@itsliverpool saw the brilliant ‪@Hope_Is_Coming – excellent script,great cast ‪@royalcourtliv (‪@stephenfry – good shout!)

Stephen Boileau ‏‪@SRBoily
15 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming ‪@scotwilliams Went to see HOPE last Saturday evening. Still talking about it with the wife a week later. Great Stuff. Cheers

Beth Smith ‏‪@AquabatiqueBeth
16 Mar
Amazing night in Liverpool last night! ‪@Hope_Is_Coming is brilliant. Congratulations ‪@ewoollardwhite and ‪@scotwilliams :) ‪#goseeit

Joanne Dowd ‏‪@JoJoDowd
16 Mar
‪#hope intelligent, intense and powerful. Bravo to ‪@scotwilliams and cast. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

John McGrellis ‏‪@Johnmcgrellis
16 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming Get to see it before 30th if you can. Really gets you talking after, which I love. Great achievement from

Craig Joel ‏‪@darealcraigjoel
16 Mar
Really enjoyed hope! Good cast! Well written! Me mum cried at the end! Made up seen rene coming out! :)

Susan Poynton ‏‪@suziep123
16 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming Just out from this evenings show – thought it was fantastically written, and would definitely recommend going to see it!

Fiona ‏‪@annabellee0
18 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Scot. Reviews have been ace. Get the damn thing to Dublin. Thanks ;)

Sian ‏‪@sianyw
18 Mar
.‪@Hope_Is_Coming was a great piece of theatre. Really enjoyed it. Would love to see it make the transfer to the West End at some point :)

Sian ‏‪@sianyw
19 Mar
Trying to write my essay and all I can think about is ‪@Hope_Is_Coming…

Lindsay Inglesby ‏‪@Linsy30
18 Mar
Fab night watching ‪@Hope_Is_Coming with ‪@MelDaly87 Well worth the wait. Fantastic script and great acting. Blown away by Rene Zagger!!

Lindsay Inglesby ‏‪@Linsy30
20 Mar
Sat here talking about Rene Zaggers performance in ‪@Hope_Is_Coming Its a master class in acting! He really is incredible!!

Laura Tunstall ‏‪@LauraTunstall1
20 Mar
‪@Hope_is_Coming Loved the show last night! ‪@samwomack123, Mark, ‪@scotwilliams and Rene were all fab! ‪#wannagoagain

BETH ‏‪@BethScarlett7
20 Mar
fab night at ‪@Hope_Is_Coming…amazing piece of theatre!!!

James Dawson ‏‪@JamesDawson0
20 Mar
‪@scotwilliams hands down, the best piece of theatre I have ever seen! Thank you for such a good production!

Theo Tsiolas ‏‪@TheoTsiolas
20 Mar
went to see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming tonight at the Royal court. Absolutely brilliant. ‪@Thirty7Ltd

Stephanie Georgeson ‏‪@StephGeorgeson
20 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Fantastic show today. Huge well done to all ‪#hope ‪#inspiring

Tony Ryan ‏‪@A5Tony
22 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming Great play it still has you thinking days later. Well worth going to see. Great play in a great theatre

amz ☮ ‏‪@amysheps_ox
22 Mar
Still talking about ‪@Hope_Is_Coming and it’s been over 2 weeks!! ‪#crazy!

natnat1981 ‏‪@natnat1981
23 Mar
Everybody go see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming at the royal court ‪#brilliant

James Spoff ‏‪@JamesSpoff
23 Mar
Watching ‪@Hope_Is_Coming at the Court. An incredibly intelligent piece of writing. Great Acting & Directing. Get down and show support!

Sam Moore ‏‪@smoore_LFC
23 Mar
Hope was seriously impressive. Massive credit to ‪@scotwilliams and the rest of the cast

Mark Roberts ‏‪@GINGER_ROCKET99
23 Mar
‪@scotwilliams bravo on ‪@Hope_Is_Coming sir. Funny and brilliant with a great cast. Sure it’ll play on my mind for a while

Caroline Rose ‏‪@Rosyduncan
23 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming-go see it!Amazing production design, hilarious costume design, fab cast, great play,surprising finale!Wanna see it again..

Gareth Boot ‏‪@MrGB81
23 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Just watched ‪#Hope. Really thought provoking, intelligent work. Will be talking and thinking about for days to come. Excellent

Liz McClarnon ‏‪@TweamMcClarnon
23 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Hope is beautifully written play and Samantha is a v talented actress !! Hope to see it again v soon

Nikkineenor ‏‪@nikkineenor
24 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming ‪@scotwilliams So I have slept since the performance and the more I think about the show it shows such a beautiful story

Nicbyrne ‏‪@NicByrneWoods
24 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming Complex, provoking & very clever.The dialogue lost me at times a reflection on me not the play .Really well written (cont)

Nicbyrne ‏‪@NicByrneWoods
24 Mar
Anyway GO SEE ‪@Hope_Is_Coming at ‪@RoyalCourtLiv a cheap laugh scouse parody it aint ( thank christ ) next stop will surely be the westend

Charlotte ♡ ‏‪@CharlSmithh
24 Mar
Saw ‪@Hope_Is_Coming last night. Such a brilliant play. ‪#Lovedit

Urban Calm ‏‪@UrbanCalmuk
24 Mar
Everyone should try and see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming before it run ends at ‪@RoyalCourtLiv . Such a great play

Urban Calm ‏‪@UrbanCalmuk
25 Mar
We are still banging on about Hope at the royal court a must see . ‪@Sam_Womack ,‪@scotwilliams & cast all welcome over at Urban Calm anytime

Angeline ‏‪@CiderWithAnge
25 Mar
Me and ‪@chirpyll have finally been to the Royal Court tonight to see ‪@scotwilliams ‪#Hope. Loved it!

Stephen Smith ‏‪@stevesmithsongs
25 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming is utterly brilliant,great players,great script,very inspirational!

Heather Wooding ‏‪@Heather_Wooding
25 Mar
Love this pic of me and ‪@Sam_Womack after ‪@hope_Is_Coming brilliant performance and amazing play xxxx

Chris Witterick ‏‪@chriswit
27 Mar
‪@scotwilliams finally got to see hope tonight. Really really clever stuff. Hope it gets the credit it deserves!

Garry A Sullivan ‏‪@GarrySully
28 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Hope last night was the absolute business. Blown away, great play, great actors, Great choice in Sam Womack as Hope. Sound!!

Outdoor Megastore ‏‪@stanoutdoorman
28 Mar
If you havent already been you really must go and see HOPE and the royal court!Its dark and thought provoking stuff and great ‪@scotwilliams

nicole gunning ‏‪@nicolegunning_
28 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming again this weekend, actually gutted its ending :( it deserves to hit the west end! ‪#amazingplay
Alex Mitty ‏‪@lex_thornton
28 Mar
‪@scotwilliams was my absolute favourite tonight in hope! ‪#lovedit

Lisa Flatt ‏‪@LittleL70
28 Mar
Just been to see Hope ‪@RoyalCourtLiv – great play, great cast ps nice bod ‪@scotwilliams

paigefrancis ‏‪@paigefrancis_
28 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming was amazing at ‪@RoyalCourtLiv

John Bishop ‏‪@JohnBishop100
28 Mar
“‪@Hope_Is_Coming: It was nice to have ‪@JohnBishop100 in the audience tonight to see HOPE. ‪”

Truly quality play

Melanie Bishop ‏‪@MelBish1
28 Mar
‪@JohnBishop100 ‪@hope_is_coming brilliant play – brilliant performances

Charliegh carters ‏‪@charlieghanne
29 Mar
Really enjoyed seeing ‪@hope_is_coming last night :) it’s really good!!

Kevin Sampson ‏‪@ksampsonwriter
29 Mar
‪@scotwilliams Oh yuss, I went to see Hope. It’s brilliant. People must go & see this in their droves.

FromPage2Screen ‏‪@FromPage2Screen
30 Mar
to the most beautiful and well crafted stage play EVER. Im sad that today is the last day in Liverpool for ‪@hope_is_coming . GO SEE IT!!!

Leanne Barry MUA ‏‪@LeanneBarry12
30 Mar
Brilliant night last night watching ‪@Hope_Is_Coming. Fabulous story with fabulous actors Rene Zagger is one cool dude

sarah oldnall ‏‪@ofaytb123
30 Mar
‪@scotwilliams ‪@hope_is_coming Hope will carry on in our hearts & minds – haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it- tremendous !

Charlotte Dobie ‏‪@Charlotte_Dobie
30 Mar
‪@Hope_Is_Coming was brilliant!! Rene Zagger was utterly amazing!! Scot Williams you are one talented (& beautiful) man!! ;)

X!L@UREN!X ‏‪@LaurenLongwith
30 Mar
Can’t believe ‪@Hope_Is_Coming has come to an end! never loved a play as much as i loved ‪#HOPE ❤

zoe ironmonger ‏‪@Zozziei
30 Mar
Really enjoyed ‪@hope_is_coming tonight ‪@RoyalCourtLiv Well done to all involved! Great show x

Victoria Lindsay ‏‪@VixLindsay
30 Mar
Just got back from seeing ‪@Hope_Is_Coming Very good play. Worth a move to the west end I would say. Shame it’s the last night :(

Lynnbobs ‏‪@lsrusho
30 Mar
Very jealous of the people who went to see ‪@Hope_Is_Coming on its last night. Hope its gets moved to the West End, it certainly deserves it

marie clare dooley ‏‪@tillymint4
31 Mar
HOPE by Scot Williams was at the Royal Court Lpool I’m gutted I couldn’t go because I know I’ve missed an amazing play

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