WRITER: Simon Burke
DIRECTORS: Anya Camilleri / Ken Horn / Terry McDonough
PRODUCERS: Colin McKeown / Simon Burke
CO-STARS: Mark Womack / Samantha Womack / Tom Georgeson / Gillian Kearney / Stephen Graham / Leslie Philips / Paul Usher

Liverpool 1 focused on Detective Constable Isobel De Pauli (Samantha Womack), a successful Metropolitan Police detective. Her partner’s career move to Liverpool in turn sees De Pauli transferred there. Upon arrival she is partnered with introverted DC Mark Callaghan (Mark Womack), a no-nonsense officer brought up on the streets of the city he now polices.
The show centres around the dual themes of the personality clash between De Pauli and Callaghan, coupled with the ongoing saga of the squad’s pursuit of local gangster John Sullivan (Paul Usher). Callaghan’s relationship with Sullivan – who is his cousin – his brother and informant Patrick (Scot Williams) and the interconnectedness of the city, are themes throughout the series.