Enjoy exclusive 1-2-1 acting tuition with Scot Williams

Benefit from exclusive personal 1-2-1 acting tuition with Scot Williams

For a limited period only, Scot is offering exclusive 1-2-1 acting tuition, either face to face in London or via Skype / FaceTime.                                       

     “After 25 years of working on Stage, Film and TV, I have recently began tutoring actors who are determined to forge a career in the business, as well as directors keen to learn about actors and also seasoned pro’s who just wish to continue learning. 

     I teach actors how to stand out in a role by bringing ‘themselves’ into each part, (after all you are the best at being you). I show them how to make a performance more dynamic, more interesting, more watchable and memorable by ridding them of their biggest hurdles, self consciousness and their inability to listen in a scene. 

In this ever competitive business, where many actors strive for one job, I will teach you how to stand out from the rest”. 

                                                     - Scot Williams Sept 2018

Sessions are offered in hour long blocks. To discuss and book a session, please email Scot at scot@scotwilliams.co.uk quoting 1-2-1 in the subject window.

Below is a list of testimonials from some of Scot’s most recent students. 

Scot’s teaching and directing is something that will stick with you for life. Learning from his life experiences to his industry experiences is what makes him a great teacher and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor to end my time with at University. He teaches with technique, skill and most of all passion! I highly recommend anyone who has the chance to work with this man to do so. 

                      – Georgia Rooney / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Scot has restored and enhanced my passion for acting. He really pushes you in your ability and makes you do amazing things that you didn’t even know you could do yourself. He makes everything slip into place and make sense. I know that any successes I have in my acting career in the future are down to him.

            – Kaylee Anne Meredith / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Scot is a wonderful director who brought the best out of me, he taught me how to take risks, trust my instincts and lose my self consciousness which is so important as an actor. The techniques he taught me will stick with me for life and have made me want to become an actor more than ever before. He pushed me to be better and I owe him a lot. 

                           – Georgia Wills / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Scot Williams directed my final Major Production and throughout the rehearsal process Scot managed to balance teaching and directing perfectly well. I was well challenged and pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of, meanwhile we put together an amazing show that will stay close to my heart forever. I would definitely recommend hiring Scot Williams as he is a very approachable and resourceful person who has a lot to give.

                     – Christopher Hird / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Scot williams is by far one of the best tutors I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by. His vast industry experience, whether it be from stage or screen, transpires into his teaching methods. Being taught by him for the past year has not only left me with a wealth of knowledge from different techniques, but has given me tools that I will implement for the rest of my career. He taught me how to find the truth in what I was doing. He drew out what he knew I was capable of and helped me massively. He took the time when I was struggling to really help me to find my objectives and overcome obstacles I had in front of me. He brings the best out in all his students because he really cares about each and every one of them. 

         – Sarah Chadwick / BA Hons 3rd year Acting Student

Scot taught me in the last half of my final year of my acting degree. What I learned in those 5 months increased my acting ability more than anything I’d learned before. Scot taught me to live truthfully within acting and to win by taking risks. I owe Scot a lot for the skills he taught me.

                  – Harvey Fitzpatrick / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Scot Williams taught me in my final year at university. Not only did Scot teach me a brand new technique I genuinely believe that he changed me as a actress for good. Scot helped me grow in confidence and learn new things about myself as a actress every single day. My time with Scot changed my ability and confidence more than any teaching I had previous in my 5 years of studies, I felt like Scot reminded me why I went to university to study acting in the first place. 

                – Samantha Westwell / BA Hons Acting Graduate

I had Scot as my tutor for my final year of university and it was the best year by far. Not only is Scot a talented actor but he’s also a very nurturing and kind tutor who not only focused on creating the best show but he was also passionate about actually teaching us new techniques that will stick with us for life. Scot developed each of our skills and helped us discover what we were best suited for in terms of future roles. He never left anybody behind and he made sure we all were winning at our goals throughout the process. I can’t recommend Scot highly enough, honestly he is the best tutor I have ever and will ever have. 

                             – Olivia Grace / BA Hons Acting Graduate

I've been training for over 6 years and can honestly say the tutor who I have learned the most from is Scot. The lessons learned from him and techniques he taught me have enhanced my ability tenfold and it’s all down to the type of tutor he is. Working with him over the past year has been the most insightful and educational year in Acting I have ever had, and I was incredibly humbled to be able to end it with the opportunity to be directed by, and share a stage with him. I have never had a tutor or mentor who put across his ideas with such understanding and passion, his knowledge is second to none and I hope to one day be as knowledgeable and as passionate as him. Scot gave me a new love for Acting that was slowly getting chipped away and will always be the person who gave me the understanding of what it means to act, and who inspired me to be more. I will forever be grateful for everything he has taught me. I can honestly say that Scot is not only a personal hero of mine but someone who I look up to in the highest way possible.

          -  David Freeman / BA Hons 3rd year Acting Student

One of the best directors I have had the privilege of being directed by. Scot brought things out of me I didn't know I could achieve. I can’t thank him enough. 

                      – Anthony Devine / BA Hons Acting Graduate

Despite only working with Scot for half a year I have learnt so much. No only have I learnt to become a better actor, but he’s taught me some important life lessons. His teaching method help you find your character as well as find yourself, almost like a form of therapy. 

                          - Andrew Barry / BA Hons Acting Graduate