// TAKING STOCK will be released on February 5th 2016 in the following Cinemas nationwide…

Feb 5th–12th Showcase Cinemas in…
Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Paisley and Newham.

and Picturehouse screenings on…
Fri 5th Feb at Ritzy Cinema Picturehouse, London. 22:30
Sat 6th Feb at Fact Picturehouse, Liverpool. 12noon
Sun 7th Feb at Picturehouse Central, London. 21:00
Mon 8th Feb at Picturehouse Central, London. 16:30
Tues 9th Feb at Duke of Yorks Picturehouse, Brighton. 21:00
Wed 10th & Thurs 11th Feb at Clapham Picture House, London. 15:30
Fri 12th Feb at Ritzy Cinema Picturehouse, London. 22:00
Sun 14th Feb at Regent St Cinema, London. 19:30 (Including
Q&A with Scot and Kelly Brook)

TAKING STOCK has won four awards at the Monaco International Film Festival: Best Cinematographer, Best Producer, Best Supporting Actor and the Independent Spirit Award. See trailer here…

Scot has recently wrapped on the Feature Film JUST CHARLIE where he plays Paul Lyndsay, the struggling father of a young Transgender Girl.
Directed by Rebekah Fortune and written by Peter Machin. JUST CHARLIE promises to be a very topical and thought provoking drama and will be released in 2016.

For more information see the official JUST CHARLIE website

// K-SHOP is to be released theatrically in March/April 2016. Based on the Sweeny Todd legend, K-SHOP is a chilling Horror/Thriller written and directed by Dan Pringle and produced by White Lantern Film.

For more information see the official K-SHOP website

Scot’s stage play HOPE has been adapted for the screen and is currently being developed by WHITE LANTERN FILMS for a theatrical distribution.
Scot is set to direct this highly regarded psychological thriller sometime in 2016. Watch this space…

Scot is attached to play the lead role of Danny in the forthcoming feature film THE CHOICE.

Scot is attached to play the role of Hugo Benoni in the forthcoming feature film COILED SPRING.

January 2015 – a new agent for Scot Williams – KATIE THRELFALL ASSOCIATES.

will be released theatrically in the UK on November 13th, exclusively for SHOWCASE Cinemas.
This will be followed by its digital/VOD release on December 15th and its DVD and Blue Ray release in January 2015.

Love Follow Conquer launches Autumn-Winter 2014-15 with Scot Williams. Full story here

Scot will Exec Produce and star in his self penned screenplay BRENNAN (Working Title) the long awaited sequel to THE CREW (2009).
BRENNAN will see Scot reprise his role of the moralistic criminal GED BRENNAN, who in a struggle to discover who is trying to kill his family, must come out of retirement and outwit the Apulian Mafia. Photography is expected to take place in 2015 in Italy.

Scot has recently wrapped the British Thriller movie K-SHOP, written and directed by Dan Pringle and produced by White Lantern Film. K-Shop is an urban thriller inspired by Sweeney Todd; After his father is killed by a group of drunken customers, Kebab Shop Owner Salar turns vigilante in an effort to clean up the world around him, disposing of his victims in the one place he knows best…the kebabs!

For more information see the official K-SHOP website or stalk White Lantern Film here…

has become the most successful film in Lithuanian Cinema history, breaking all previous box office records. The film will be sold to the UK and beyond by Content. “Emilis knocks it out of the park with his virtuoso action and hysterical comedy,” said Content’s Jamie Carmichael. “It really is lightning in a bottle. Redirected is a box office champion at home and we’re convinced that the film can punch its way into cinemas everywhere.”

Scot was recently asked to revisit his home town of Liverpool to record a short film for The Guardian Newspaper. Here it is…

Scot has just shot the Romantic Comedy TAKING STOCK alongside Kelly Brook and Georgia Groome (London To Brighton).
Taking stock is a recession busting heist caper by the award winning writer/director Maeve Murphy inspired by Bonnie and Clyde and will be released in 2014.
Special thanks to for the eyewear.

The Action Comedy adventure “REDIRECTED” will be released in 2014. Watch REDIRECTED trailer here

Liverpool Royal Court Theatre March 6th-30th 2013. Read more here
Watch HOPE trailer here

Scot has recently launched the Love Follow Conquer Autumn-Winter 2012-13 Collection. Full story here

// Flight ReDirected
Scot is currently shooting the Action Comedy adventure “Flight ReDirected” alongside Vinnie Jones. Described as “The British Hangover”, it is filmed and set primarily in the Baltics and is a co-production between KinoKultas and MEED Films (ZERO II) in Lithuania and Wellington Films (London to Brighton) in the UK.

A stage play written by Scot Williams, HOPE is a darkly comic psychological thriller and will receive it’s world premiere in Spring 2013. Watch this space.

You can follow Scot and HOPE on twitter:
@ScotWilliams // @Hope_Is_Coming

// Hard Boiled Sweets
Hard Boiled Sweets released in selected Cinemas across the UK on March 9th 2012. Released on DVD and BlueRay April 30th 2012.
Order Hard Boiled Sweets now on Amazon

// Vexed
Vexed was wrapped in Dublin in February 2012 and will be transmitted on the BBC later in the year.

// Beyond The Fire
Beyond The Fire has been picked up by The BBC.

// A Bard Day’s Night
A Bard Day’s Night is now represented by Caroline Underwood at Alan Brodie Representation.
A Bard Day’s Night to be showcased at the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Conference in Liverpool.